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2 Carlos Street, Dorchester, MA 02124​ (by appointment only)


 Each nutritional drink is prepared fresh and designed to keep you on track with your wellness journey. 
Pick up only, just give us 24 hour notice.​

If you have any questions during your cleanse we are here to guide you through to achieve your best results. 



Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Lime Juice, Ginger, Non-Hybrid Moringa, Sea Moss

Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea,  Agave

Blue Berries, Black Berries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Non-Hybrid Moringa, Sea Moss

Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea, Agave

Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea,  Agave


Master Cleanse (Ra's Version) case of 12 - $90  16oz bottles
    Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea, Cayenne Pepper - Agave (optional) - Detox Fasting Drink

1  Bottle Detox Tea $30
(Dandelion, Elder Berry, Burdock Root, Non-Hybrid Moringa, Taheebu, Ginger, Sorrel, Graviola (Sour Sop) Leaf) - Blood Purifier 

What's Inside The Ra?

 The Ra is a wellness and enlightenment center where one can  learn how
  to become their own doctor through the art of self healing.

  Our goal at the Ra is to educate and inform individuals on how to recognize the
  root cause of a crisis, and than show them how to work toward their recovery.  

  Here at the Ra we seek out the poisons that plaque us through our food, 
  drugs, environment, etc.  Then we learn how to wean ourselves away from  
  them one at a time.

  We teach the importance of cleansing the body/temple through fasting and 
  colon-hydrotherapy, ridding it of yeast, fungi, bacteria, parasites, toxins.
  We  teach how to eat to live.    We use only non-hybrid and non acidic foods for our healing.

  Our 90 day wellness plan was designed to help you bring your body back to its' 
  Godly state of alkalinity.  Having the discipline to reject the poisons is a big deal, 
  for they are habitual and addictive. 

  Fasting every quarter around the change of season, along with your colonic 
  cleansing will allow the body to remove toxic poison from the system so that the 
  body remains in a healing environment.

  Be sure to visit Dr. Aqasikesat's personal page for inspiration and guidance
  in your journey to wellness.


Beat The Seasonal Cold & Flu
(All you need in your medicine cabinet to beat colds and flu)

​Apan & Defense

The new Kid on the block, Apan is an amazing product which is 
known to help the body restore its original balance on a stem cell level.
It's also very good for building the immune system if your concerned about Covid

 Moringa The Miracle Tree

fights over 300 diseases, including High Blood Pressure,
diabetes, arthritis, parasites, impotency, infertility, 
mineral deficiencies and a whole lot more

The New Silver Solution

known to kill viruses, inflammation,
 bacteria, and a whole lot more.

Alkaline Ionized Water

flushes toxins & alkaline's the body.
The Koreans & Japanese use these systems in 
their hospitals for  many  pathogens

Colon Cleanse - Electric Cell Food and a Colonic

Chelated poisons on the cellular level
removes mucus, inflammation, heavy metals
parasites, hardened mucoed plaque 

  The Ra Natural Health & Education Center

2 Carlos St. Dorchester, MA 02124

draqasikesat1@gmail.com or text 857.247.0136


Since this video - hybrid list has been modified - almonds have been substituted with brazil nuts, flax seeds, yams, turnips, broccoli, instead of birch sugar, birch syrup - see our hybrid list for more information. 
1 Day Cleanse- $95
3 Bottles Juice
3 Master Cleanse Drink
1 bottle Detox Tea

3 Days Cleanse- $285
9 Bottles Juice
9 Master Cleanse Drink
3 bottles Detox tea

the best investing opportunity for beginners
(Watch 2nd and 3rd videos)