Why it's so important to fast, at least once every quarter.  

We fast every quarter around the change of seasons for many reasons.  One simple reason is to eliminate build-up toxins that accumulate on a daily basis from processed, cooked, flesh foods, dyes, pesticides, fungicides, gluten's, sugar, mucus, acid, yeast, bacteria and parasites

We have learnt as these parasites occupy our bodies, there is a group that go to sleep during the change of season and another group that awakens around the same time.
Therefore, it is recommended to fast once every three months during  the change  of seasons to prevent build-up of mucoid plaque, toxins and most of all removal of parasites.

Fasting is a very important part of any detoxification program.  It is very beneficial, provided that it is done intelligently and not prolonged for more than 10 days at any one time.
The effect of fasting is two-fold.  It gives the digestive system and many of the body functions a complete rest and at the same time it enables the body to burn up and eliminate waste.
During a fast, the body uses its reserve supply of elements to keep the system functioning.  It is exceedingly important to know this and to remember it when we are on a fast.

During a fast we eat no food whatsoever.  We drink large quantities of water or lime juices diluted with water.  This dilution is necessary because the burning up of debris in the system becomes too severe or concentrated.  Limes will cleanse  the body during a fast.  One should drink at least 1 gallon of liquid each day of the fast.

Such a fast usually has the effect of stirring up a great deal of the waste matter which has been allowed to accumulate in the system.  Some of it passes out of the system in the regular course of evacuation and elimination.  Much of it, however, is simply stirred up and lodged in some convenient niche, usually in the sacculations or folds, of the colon.  If allowed to remain there overnight, we are apt to absorb some of the toxins or poisons which this debris may produce.  This would have the tendency to defeat some of the benefits we expect to derive from the fast and may also cause some discomfort and excessive amounts of gas.  We therefore take a colonic at least two to three over a period of 10 days to expel accumulated toxins.  

At the end of the fast, we “break” the fast with sour oranges to recondition the colon for a couple of days, followed with light meals consisting of fresh vegetables or fruits and plenty of vegetable juices, for the next week or so before resuming to our normal course of nourishment.

Spring Vernal Equinox- March 20 - 23

Summer Solstice - June 21 - 24 

Autum Equinox - Sept 21 - 24

Winter Solstice - Dec 21 - 24

Taking 4 -10 days of fasting is the safest way to fast especially if you are a beginner although 4-5 days are also acceptable (doing the best you can do is all that matters)
The major emphasis of this fast is the cleansing of the liver and lungs.  Special consideration must be given to that set of cells in the liver, which serve to detoxify chemicals, parasites and most waste matter in the body.

A fast at this time is important because of the following reasons:

1) All winter the body has stored up water in order to hold in heat for dealing with the cold weather.  In early spring the liver is stimulated to cleanse the body of that water and along with it all the toxins also held in.  This is the reason for many people getting spring colds.

2) In the Summer the extreme heat destroys many cells creating an onslaught of waste
 matter which the body anticipates.  This fast assists the natural cleansing.

3) Remember those pesty parasites that like to live in the body, those that hibernate during the change of season and those that awaken every quarter, if we practice fasting every quarter, we will prevent them from hanging out in our temple.

Phase 1:      Two week preparation before equinox fast begins with

1)  A purge with Bio 2 and tablespoon of Moringa through out the day before starting the fast, otherwise  many problems can occur.

2) Eat fresh organic apples, sour oranges and seeded grapes. Drink the fresh juices of these fruits.

3) Drink at least 8 glasses of ionized alkaline water daily.

4) Eat a very large salad consisting of dandelion greens, kale, zucchini, spaghetti squash, onions, avocado.  Dressing may be lime juice, apple juice.

5) Make certain that your bowels move daily. Have a colonic weekly if they do not move.

6) Mild exercise is advisable, Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga.  No heavy aerobics.

Phase 2

The fast should last no more than 10 days - for both beginner and veteran faster's.  A BTA (Biological Terrain Assessment) test should be taken before you begin your fasting to see where your pH (acid/alkaline) levels are.

Those with very serious health problems who are attempting to eradicate them, do no proceed with phase 2 yet.  Be sure to test your acid pH level to make sure your body is prepared for fasting.  (call Dr. Aqasikesat for consultation or advice)

Warning:   if you experience headaches, dizziness, nausea etc., this is a sign of your body detoxing too quickly, have a colonic at this point to release the toxins that are trying to release from the body, or eat a baked potato to slow the cleansing process.

1) Begin with a celtic sea salt flush – I tsp salt to 12oz of warm alkaline water.  Drink the water quickly and all at once.  People with High Blood Pressure should skip this procedure until there BP has normalized.  This celtic sea salt has over 80 minerals and is perfectly safe for faster's to use while fasting.  If you wish to skip this step, use Bio 2 and the moringa in warm water instead. (be sure to check you BP and sugar levels daily, keeping in mind that as the body is detoxing your levels will fluctuate – up or downward).  Don’t be to concerned at this point for as long as you are detoxing your system will regulate its self back to normal.

2) The Master Cleanse Drink – Dr. Aqaiskesat version.

 In a gallon container preferably glass,  add 1 bottle of organic lime juice not from concentrate or about 8 - 10 limes to ¾ bottle of alkaline/ionized water – add ¼ cup of aqave or birch syrup to the mix, shake well and add 1tsp of cayenne pepper. You may add your moringa to this mix about 2 tbs and the tart cherry antioxidants (mix or blend this mix well for better saturation) those with diabetes – do not use maple syrup or agave, use birch syrup instead.  We do not use honey, molasses, nor stavia for sweeteners.

3) You may have herbal teas such as taheebu, ginger, hibiscus or sorrel, moringa anytime throughout the day.
Note:  Stay away from fruit and nut smoothies at this time of fasting, you may resume using these drinks after the fast.

An Important Healthy Tip For Faster's – try a moringa alkaline water implant every night during the fast to restore friendly flora, to neutralize the toxins quicker and to deodorize your colon. Use Silver Sol to wash out your ears, your nose and your eyes .   Also try the ginger poultice on the kidneys during the fast and get plenty sleep.

Try to keep quite, meditate, go within, read spiritual or healthy living materials, try not to upset yourself with external forces (ignore them and breath) this is a great time to do your deep breathing exercise at least 25 - 50 times daily.

Our fasting program consist of drinking alkaline/ionized water, taking theBio 2 and Moringa powder which removes parasites from the system.  Drinking a mixture of - lime, agave or birch syrup & cayenne pepper (our version of the master cleanse) both the moringa and the berry antioxidants (goji, mangosteen, acai, noni) can be added to this mixture for a more powerful detox.  To prevent experiencing a cleansing reaction and rid the system of parasites,  be sure to have a colonic at least two to three times during the 10 day cycle. 

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