RECIPES For God/desses    
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Mixed Green Salad

Spaghetti squash (grated)
Zucchini - yellow and green (grated)
Red Onions (diced)
Portable mushrooms (diced)
Cucumber (diced)
Bell Peppers (all colors)
Cherry tomato (sliced)
Avocado (sliced)
Romaine lettuce and mixed green lettuce
Arugula and baby kale
Hemp Seeds
Add any other vegetable of your preference that is not hybrid 
or acidic that is easy to digest.


Salad Dressing

1/4 organic moringa oil (optional)
1/4 cup olive oil or coconut oil
little lime juice
Pinch of celtic sea salt
Little birch sugar (optional) agave or maple syrup for taste
Pinch of cayenne pepper
(optional  - tahini,  creamed brazil nuts or avocado for a creamy consistency)


Super Protein Drink 

1 oz Acai liquid
1 tsp Hemp seeds
1 tsp moringa powder
1 tsp quinoa powder
1 oz sea moss/bladder wrack
32 oz Alkaline Water
brazil nuts
2 handfuls raw organic  nuts (soak and peel)
1/4 cup birch sugar, agave or organic maple syrup (B grade)
(Optional - fruit - mango, banana, strawberries, etc.)

Blend all ingredients together until smooth - 
let sit for 10 minutes if you want a thicker consistency.

 Great for building muscle mass - add 2-3 handful almonds for 
weight gain, drink 3-4 cups daily.  
1handful for weight loss, 1-2 cups daily.
Very high in protein - good source of calcium - iodine good for the
thyroid, central nervous system, brain, high blood pressure, 
weight loss, prostate, female problems PMS, etc.  take 1-2 Immunocal daily for added support 
Immunocal is the absolute best protein drink on the market for building muscle mass, shrinking tumors

Alkaline Drink – Master Cleanse Drink

1 gallon Alkaline water
8-10 limes squeezed or bottle organic lime juice, not form concentrate
1/2 cup  birch syrup or agave
 1/2 oz cherry tart
1 cayenne fruit or pinch cayenne powder
when fasting on this drink - add 1 tsp moringa to mix, or 3 capsules
do salt flush in the morning or 2 bio 2 ( I personally prefer taking the Bio 2 instead of salt flush)
for 8 -10 days minimum

Simple Smoothie 

Use your master cleanse drink as your base for making smoothies.  It is absolutely delicous with your mixed berries
I also use it as a base for my Immunocal protein drink in the morning.  
Great base for your Moringa smoothie also

Detox Smoothie ( best first thing in the morning)

Lime juice
Sea Moss

Antioxidant Smoothie ( best midday or evening) good for energy

Any of the mixed berries except cranberries
Sea Moss

Protein Smoothie (best midday or evening)

Hemp Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Brazil Nut
Coconut Meat
Sea Moss
Alkaline water


Brazil Nut Pate

2 handfuls Organic raw brazil nuts - soak 48 hours - peel skin off.
use a chopper or blender to chop almonds into a buttery 
consistency by adding 2 oz of alkaline water while chopping or blending.

You may season brazil nuts by adding organic cinnamon, little maple syrup or you can use cayenne, 
for a completely different taste.

Cucumbers or Zucchini very thinly sliced, put pate between 
two slices to make a wonderful appetizer. You may also dip
these into dressing or wrap in lettuce leaves.


Coconut - Sea Moss Crackers

1 cup Sea Moss
1 cup coconut meat 

Put in food processor with 
1/2 cup soaked raisins,
2 bananas - blend together until smooth 
spread on dehydrator sheets for about 8 hours.

Instead of fruit you may use peppers, onions, mushrooms 
and greens, cayenne for a great vegetable  cracker.

Wild Rice & Veggies

1 cup wild rice (organic lotus wild rice)
diced mushrooms
diced red onion
diced bell peppers 
kale or bok choy
grape seed oil
quinoa (optional)
coconut aminos
celtic salt 
cyenne pepper

boil 4 cups of water, add wild rice and reduce heat to low simmer
sautee onions, mushrooms, peppers in grape seed oil on very low heat
steam kale (cut into small bite sizes)

mix all ingredients in large wok add seasonings 

use this reciepe as a base - be creative and use your own alternatives


Ginger Poultice

Peel skin off ginger -
grate ginger -
put 2 handfuls on each kidney - 
secure ginger with saran wrap around waist 
to keep moisture in -
tie scarf or wrap around saran to keep in place.

Ginger juice (which is hot) will penetrate into the
kidneys it will help stimulate the kidneys allowing
toxins to release easily.

Try to use all organic produce (wash them off very 
carefully for they maybe carrying parasites).  
Ionized acid water is excellent for washing produce, 
your skin, soaking your feet and treats skin disorders.


Shopping list

Fig Banana                  kelp                                   cayenne pepper               cactus
Celtic sea salt              lime juice                       zucchini                               hijiki
Brazil nuts ,                 walnuts,                          cherry tomatoes      
Agave                              ginger                              seeded raisins                  currants
Cinnamon                     wild rice                         organic jelly coconut
Strawberries                spelt berry sprouts     fennel         
Cucumbers                   spaghetti squash          moringa
Green bell pepper      romaine lettuce            hemp seeds                      sorrel
Yellow bell pepper     olives                                hibiscus
Red bell pepper           olive oil                           sundried tomatoes        arame
Orange bell pepper    alkaline water
Red onions,                   coconut                           mango                               callaloo
Scallions                        mix green lettuce         quinoa                               papaya
Raw cocoa                     kale 
Avocado                         apples                               peppers                            sea moss
portabella mushrooms                                        brazil nut butter           walnut butter


Whatever nut-milk you choose to make use the following ingredients.


Whatever Recommended Nut you should choose. e,g Coconut, Brazil nut , Hemp seed or Walnut 

Alkaline Water


Blend ¼ lb of the recommended nut of your choice. (unsalted)

Add 2 ½ cups alkaline water

Blend for 5 minutes

Strain – this your milk replacement 

*Tip: Add maple syrup or agave if you need to “dress up” the taste.

It is no surprise that many people have “wheat-allergies”, because wheat is not a natural grain; it is a hybrid product created by science and it is acid-based.  Natural Growing Grains are alkaline-based; 

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