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Stop Killing our Kids
How detrimental is acid    in the body
Experiencing the               importance of the
sweat lodge.
Deep inside the sweat lodge       and deep within yourself
consultation with Brother Charles.  Dr. Aqasikesat and Brother R A     
consultation cont.

When you listen to this show, your going to hear me mention the cow and it's hybrid nature. I feel I have to update this information because now that I have endorsed the Immunocal which is produced with raw cows milk called undenatured Whey isolate, and the reason why, is very important information for you to know. What has been done with this very important raw milk, firstly, they removed the fat, the caseine and the lactate from the milk producting something that is called cysteine which is an amino acid that the body doesn't produce on it's own. However, the body requires this very important amino acid to produce glutatathione which is the most imprtant antioxidant in the cell which keeps us alive. I have added an Immunocal page so that you can hear all about it. It is literally saving lives on a very high degree.