Ra's Master Cleanse    -   Plus Detox Fast

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An ideal detox drink for fasting and everyday use

while fasting drink up to 

4 - 6 bottles of the Ra master cleanse drink per day
2 - 4 liters alkaline ionized water daily
2 - 4 Colon Cleanse (chelation flush)
6 - moringa capsules  or 1tbls moringa powder
4 droppers of Apan  6 Defense (probiotic)

Have a colonic before , during and after the fast would be beneficial to remove toxins on a deeper level.

This fast is to be followed every quarter during the change of season.  Summer/ Winter Solstice and Spring/Autumn equinox.

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Dr. A. aka Dr. Aqasikesat N.D./ N.P.

Dr. Aqasikesat's  90 day wellness plan is designed for prevention of disease and to help anyone who is plagued with any form of disease, get well.  

Basically it takes about 3 months for the body to heal and  those with a more chronic condition it can certainly take longer.  

Step 1.  The first 30 days - work on eating just alkaline food, drink alkaline water, take your moringa and your Bio 2 daily and begin a series of colonics twice a week or weekly. (ask Dr. A about the  moringa implants after your colonic sessions and how to do the ginger poultice for the kidneys.)  Monitor your daily activity in a journal, for example the foods you eat, how much water did you drink, take and record your pressure and your sugar levels, do your 25 - 50 count breathing, how much exercise, weight loss etc.  Record also how your feeling both good and bad, (if your confused with your food prepping, than come to the living food workshop and learn how to prepare your meals for healing.)    (see shopping list on recipe page) and Schedule of events for the next food workshop classes.  Also check out this new APAN and DEFENSE (go to store to purchase product) for further prevention and protection from any condition.  

Step 2.  The next 30 days  - Be honest with yourself.  If you cheated last month and you just couldn't get with the program, now is your chance to start again (don't ever give up on yourself) 
For those of you who did really well, stuck to the plan, monitored your progress, you are ready to go the next mile.  
Still monitoring your activities and progress, let's go!  
Now you have a routine going, your getting up in the morning, your doing your breathing, exercising, be sure to check your alkaline level and your vitals.  You should be having a colonic weekly or at least every other week depending on your immediate condition.
Depending on your progress, you should be ready to wean off your medication.
(check with your friendly physician to see how your doing - if he doesn't seem to agree with what your doing even though your doing better, go find a new physician). 
Weaning off your meds means gradually cutting down your daily dosage the fist week.  The second week your doing the every other day , the third week every two day, the forth week every 3 days, and the fourth week you should be ready to eliminate all meds depending on what your taking and what your taking them for. 
Please check with both your Naturopathic Doctor - D. A. as well as your primary care doctor. 
Remember, ultimately you are learning to become your own doctor.  (the same way your doctor keeps tabs on you, monitor your own progress, and keep tabs on yourself.)

Step 3.  The next 30 days   WOW! you've come a long way, your feeling great, you've lost weight, you look good, but now you need to go that extra mile. That's right you need to go all the way to the finish line. 
Yes, your doing everything you've learnt to do the last two months.  You are integrating new things as you learn and ask questions all the time.  You have learnt how to remove toxic food from your life, you are experiencing a life style change, you are having a tug of war with the meat thing because you think you need the flesh protein, but you don't (if your not sure ask Dr. A) you have managed to move away from the hybrid foods, the inorganic foods etc.
Now your ready for the ultimate fast.  That's right, you have been on an alkaline food fast for the past 60 day, and as you embark upon the next 30 days, you are preparing your body/temple for the ultimate detox. 
Working around the seasonal changes, weather it be spring, summer, autumn or winter, now is the time to receive your blessing if you haven't received it already.  
For those of you who have never done a fast before, I mean a real fast, now is the time to condition your mind to stop eating completely for at least 3-4 days.  
You will be drinking Dr. A's version of the master cleanse drink which consist of limes, birch sugar, alkaline water, moringa and the cherry tart.  
The rule of the fast is: -
when you rise in the morning, you take either a celtic sea salt flush or 2 Bio 2 in order to flush your system. 
Throughout the day you will drink Ra's Master Cleanse Drink 4 - 6 bottles daily along with your alkaline water.  (check you pH levels to make sure your body is in an alkaline state) If your body is in an acidic state, you might experience headaches, dizziness, nausea etc.,  If any of these symptoms occur try to get to the Ra for a colonic.  What is happening at this point, your body is going through a detox reaction, because of the acid toxins circulating through out your system quickly. 
What the colonic will do is pull the toxins out and give you comfort quickly.  If your system is in an alkaline state, you should go through the fast without any of these symptoms at all, but still have a colonic because, not only will your body release the old hard mucoed plaque, it will also release toxic bile,heavy metals and lymph drainage from the kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. which is amazing! 

O.K! - You have made it all the way.  Congratulations!  But you are not done yet, you still have a few more hurdles to jump.  

That's right, this is how we do it, once every quarter from here on, you will fast every quarter and every quarter you will go just a little bit longer.  You will work your way up to 8 - 10 days on the liquid fast, and for those of you who wish to do the occasional 21 to 40 days once every 5 years, just be sure to do it the right way.  The same way you go on a fast by alkalizing the body and eating alkaline food, you will come off slowly by introducing light food like leafy greens, fruit, veggie broth etc.  Be sure to do your colonic before a fast, during a fast and after for ultimate results.

Please inform us as to how you are progressing, send me your testimonial letter through email  DrAqasikesat1@RaHealing.com or come to the Ra and write it in our testimonial book.  We all would love to hear your success stories.

Good Luck with your journey to wellness and may God bless you with ultimate health and wellness both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Remember happiness is the key to wellness!                                         Love yourself!

90 Day Wellness Plan - Alkaline Food Fast

What a perfect time to begin your journey into a new way of life and living.  This 90 day wellness plan is designed for any one who would like to experience what it is like to be pain free and learn how to become your own doctor.   
Do you wish to be free of prescription drugs, stress and excess weight?  Then follow this plan for 3 month and let us know your results.  We would love to post your success on this website testimonial page.  
Just email your story or click on the guest sign in below and place your testimonial.   DrAqasikesat1@RaHealing.com

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